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About bbSpam blog

The bbAntiSpam tools (Links Rejector, Textual Confirmation and Advanced Textual Confirmation) exist for more than one year now. While working on the tools and marketing them, I sometimes find very useful and interesting resources, and I’d like to share the link. Before, I wrote about findings in bbAntiSpam forums, but my postings were lost in the support requests. Now, I finally started this blog.

Actually, there is a number of blogs which cover the spambot topic. Some of them are in the blogroll. But I’m sure that bbSpam blog will get the leading position fast because I have a lot to say, many opinions are based on experience and, what also counts, I’m going to promote the blog.

I’m not going to be the only author and I plan to hire a pair of assistants. The idea is that one person can’t cover everything. Worse, one person can overlook an interesting topic. Therefore, new authors are always welcome. If you want to say anything, don’t hesitate to contact me, Self-promotion is ok if it is written in the human language, not in the marketing language.

Read also the press release: “You are wanted at”.



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About me

My name is Oleg Parashchenko, I’m a software engineer, the author of several popular open-source and commercial products. More details are on the home page.

Contact e-mail address is <olpa bbspam com>.