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Finally, people are starting to listen!

CAPTCHA routines are kind of like the flesh-eating dudes in those zombie flicks. They’re dead, but someone forgot to tell them. Well, the obituary was been written for CAPTCHA long ago, but the concept continues to live. Now, it seems, the word is finally starting to spread and more and more webmasters are starting to show up for the funeral.

CAPTCHA, or more precisely Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart, uses images to try and stop spammers. The problem is, the spammers have written some darn good image recognition software and that’s when CAPTCHA’s death knoll sounded.

So, what is it that the spam slayers are starting to support? SAPTCHA (Semi Automatic Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart).

What’s SAPTCHA all about? SAPTCHA uses text questions to trip up the spammers. These are questions or phrases that are a snap for humans to answer but stop spam-bots dead in their tracks.

Now the only challenge for a webmaster is to come up with questions or phrases that are clear and simple enough to answer without regard to the education level of the site user. And honestly, since spam-bots have an IQ somewhere around zero, any question or phrase will trip them up while letting your human pass through the gates uninhibited.

Wow, SAPTCHA, what a great idea! It’s so great, in fact, that I’ve been offering what is probably the world’s first fully-integrated SAPTCHA software solution for some time now. It’s called Advanced Textual Confirmation and it stops spam-bots cold.

Check out the latest SAPTCHA article on this web site, and if you agree that SAPTCHA has what it takes to send CAPTCHA to its grave once and for all, try out Advanced Textual Confirmation. You will be impressed and spam-free.

2 Responses to “Finally, people are starting to listen!”

  1. Dave Says:

    well, some people would disagree with that line of thinking - take a look at

    so, enough with the FUD already :)

  2. olpa Says:

    Thanls for the link! I’ve added it to the queue for announces.

    And I’ve subscribed to the blog itself. Nice work!

    > so, enough with the FUD already :)
    Oh, it’s so easy to be destructive…