This blog is retired.

Introducing topics and adding improvements

The blog is alive for four month, it contains a significant number of posts. Till recently, all the posts were under the category “Uncategorized”. It was ok for a new blog, but it’s bad for a growing blog. Therefore, I spent significant efforts (more about it in my personal blog: “invent categories and tags easily“) and assigned the topics to each posts. So far the categories are:

* Articles
* bbAntiSpam
* Defeating protection
* Explanations
* Funny
* Ideas
* phpBB
* Services
* Tools
* Usability

With this post, a new category will appear, “Administrative“.

Tagging the posts was a good exercise. I made a fresh look at the blog. And what striked me?

The blog is too official, maybe even boring. The blog looks like a product of a BBC or CNN department. It’s too bad.

I’m going to:

1) limit the editorial posts to only one per week
2) invite other experts
3) reveal the background behind bbAntiSpam tools
4) publish photos, photos, photos

Meanwhile, I’ve added a new feature. Not all people know what is RSS feed and how to read it. Such people can now subscribe for updates by e-mail. The form is on the main page in the right top corner.

What else needs to be added? Please suggest!