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How to bypass Textual Confirmation

Someone has asked Google how to bypass Textual Confirmation. Great! The alternative to CAPTCHA is taking off, even spammers noticed it. Now they’ve started to think about bypassing. Would you mind to help them and share ideas?

I don’t mind. As I wrote on the homepage of Advanced Textual Confirmation:

To pass ATC, spammers will have to collect a database of questions and answers. This work requires a human. Even if spammers pay as low as 1 cent per forum, 100,000 forums will cost them $1,000. And database maintenence is even more costly.

So, for spammer it is much more profitable to skip the sites protected by ATC. It will be cheaper and easier to spam an unprotected one.

Do you understand it, spammers?

By the way, anyone has other ideas about bypassing?

One Response to “How to bypass Textual Confirmation”

  1. olpa Says:

    More about the cost of database: “Are your sneakers tied?“.

    Textual Confirmation, unlike Advanced Textual Confirmation, is a bit weak due to question ID theft. Explanations are at the end of this post: How does Advanced Textual Confirmation work.