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My Thoughts on Guest Posts

There’s lots of controversy surrounding whether or not guest posts are good for blogs. And still there doesn’t seem to be any right answer. So today I’m going to share my point of view.

Last time I talked about SPAMbots and how they like to target blogs that allow posts from guests. I mentioned why shutting out guest posts isn’t the solution but why software called Links Rejector might be. I also promised I’d tell you why guest posts shouldn’t be banned.

So here it is. The reason is that when done right, guest posts help increase your site’s popularity.

Too often we think of our guests only as SPAM-creating robots that bombard our sites with garbage or as visitors with overly harsh opinions that nobody wants to hear. We feel that way mainly because of our own experiences.

But the truth is having a guest’s thoughts and opinions appear on your blog is a great way to attract attention to your site. Think for a moment about a talk show. Its entire reason for being is featuring different guests. Guests attract viewers. Why? Because viewers want to hear what those guests have to say!

That’s how it is with your blog. Regardless of your blog’s niche, there’s bound to be an “expert on the subject”? that you can call on. So go find that person (or persons) and invite him or her to create a short post for your blog. In doing so, you’ll increase your chances of getting a link that rewards you with new readers. If you don’t get the link, at least you’ll have built an association with the expert and that can earn new readers too.

Eliminating guest posts isn’t the answer. Tools can help with robots. And you just have to live with the loudmouths because tedious or not, if they have something to say they’ll register anyway!