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A little something else…

Geez, where do I begin? Spam…it’s all about spam. Why can’t we all live in a wonderful e-world, filled with blogs, picture streams, and wonderful myspaces… without the hassle of spam. I guess it’s just like anything else, it’s subject to users and abusers. Hustlers I call ‘em; Skid Row-ers I call ‘em. Plain ‘ole scum of the Earth. What are we going to do? They are clever, very very clever… Well of course!– We must fight the fires with even clever-er(?) :) methods. CAPTCHA was a god-send. That’s one way. The boys over at bbantispam have come up with a simple yet effective way to wade through the masses of complex, yet somewhat feeble in circumstances, spam bots. Why boys, can’t you even say “hello”? I love it. Keep it coming bbantispam…’cause I’m ready to say “goodbye”. If you don’t know, they have even come up with an effective link rejector. They themselves said it best… what do spammers register everywhere for?.. duh! to post links.. The links rejector will phase through their links of garbage.

So why am I here? I’m certainly not here to compete. The folks at bbantispam certainly have a legitimate and effective product on their hands. I’m here to introduce, rather humbly, a little project of mine.

Introducing Forum Spammer List, or FSpamlist for short. This, in a nutshell, is an online database full of known spammer’s email addresses, popular domains, usernames, and IP addresses that are all easily exportable so that forum administrators can import them into their forum’s ban lists. With your help, this database can grow and stay current to aid in forum administrators everywhere to stop known spammers from even registering. Well, how can you help you might ask? This online database can be updated by anyone, anywhere. Well what about false-positives, JACK! Well, that’s when you’ve got to trust me… I’ve set-up a few security measures to keep the spammers out and the legitimates in. See a name in the database that looks like it shouldn’t be there?…just flag it using the link in the spammer profile page and the volunteer team and I will take a look it.

Well, I’ve said a lot… I’ve just pulled a shameless plug haven’t I? I wouldn’t like to think so.

I’ve come all this way to make a proposal to the folks at bbantispam. I, myself, have installed the Textual Confirmation tool on my forum. It works quite well might I add, and I noticed in the Readme (and in your bbantispam’s forum) that in the free version of the Textual Confirmation tool actually sends back the spammer’s data to bbantispam that gets the confirmation prompt wrong. I am proposing that on future feedback reports, that information would also be sent to FSpamlist for holding, and my team and I will look at the data and decide whether it is valid and should therefore be inserted into the database. Why would you do this for us? Well, I thought we are here to stop spam any way we can. But, I do understand the logic of barter, or partnerships if you would. This would be the first partnership of its kind. What I am offering you is complete and utter credit for all data sent to FSpamlist. Those exact terms are open to discussion.

Well, there I’ve said it.. I’m just one fishhook in a sea of spammers.

If you would like more information about my project FSpamlist please visit the following sites:

FSpamlist Main Page
FSpamlist Blog (for updates and such)
FSpamlist Forum (for open discussion)

2 Responses to “A little something else…”

  1. olpa Says:

    Thanks for introducing Forum Spammer List! Meanwhile, I’ve made an excerpt and re-posted it.

    Cooperation is a good think. But I can’t just give away my collection. I promised not to share it:

    Privacy Policy: We do not disclose your individual information to any other company. We collect aggregate statistics on spam texts and spammers’ IPs. We may publish or share this aggregate information with other companies. This aggregate data, by its nature, will not reveal your identity.

    According to my own license agreement, I should first to process the raw data and give you only the result. But it’s a big work, I’m not ready to start working on it.

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